Special editions.

Rusticana Cross.

Elegant doctor's bag in classic-fine design. The clever hinge and edge reinforcement system guarantees a lot of space and good organisation.

  • Made of high quality genuine leather
  • Elaborate processing, especially along the seams
  • Large opening with edge reinforcement for more stability when open
  • Front pocket with zip fastener or with additional Velcro front pocket
  • Smooth hinge technology for easy handling
  • Double lock system made of synthetic ABS material
  • Ergonomically shaped double handles
  • Optional with shoulder strap

Product details.

Interior features: removable mesh side pocket with 6 compartments, one large inside pocket, removable floor insert with flexible partitions, including one mobile vial dispenser
Size: L 43 x W 21 x H 27 cm (large format)
Material: Cowhide leather
Colour: Red with white cross + green with white cross
Prices and
2,100 g (1 front pocket) 409.00 €
2,350 g (2 front pockets) 449.00 €

All prices are net prices not incl. the 19 % VAT

Interior division
Interior division
Including free vial dispenser

Material and colour